Song Mode - DELETE button should MUTE/UNMute cell in pattern, not delete entire track from Pattern

What is the problem?

(See title) Poor workflow. Fighting the machine. Redundant/pointless work. Missed opportunity.

What do you want to achieve?

In SONG mode, add Pattern1 to multiple slots [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8] as needed…, and MUTE/UNMUTE tracks in Pattern1 as necessary in the other slots. (This should be non-destructive to the Pattern). (DELETE button should MUTE/UNMUTE instead of DELETE). (To DELETE a track, go back to pattern mode and delete it)

Are there any workarounds?

Copy Pattern1 to new Pattern2, switch back to SONG mode, insert Pattern2 then DELETE tracks (as if to mute them), (But now you have 2 virtually identical Patterns, except with different tracks enabled).

This is painful to further edit pattern1 now, as any tweaks to Pattern1 have to be manually carried over to Pattern2 etc. This makes pattern management difficult, and also chews up memory by forcing repeated info to be saved, rather than re-used.

Any links to related discussions?

It was requested here… Possibility to mute cells in Song mode gotta try again… I just purchased this unit, and without this obvious feature, it’s quite painful to try to build a song… I’m sure most will agree.

i think using different patterns copy and pasting different blocks into them in song mode is good enough too. would be interesting how many people actually think a mute cell function would be needed.

  • definitely need it!
  • it’s fine how it works rn

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Hey @BLoK this request seems very similar to this one:

Is that what you are looking for? If so, this has been declined, since Polyend will be releasing another solution in the future.

Let me know, because if so, then i’ll close this request and we will reconvene once we know what that future solution looks like.

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