Song Mode : Colour code song blocks using Note, Instrument, Fx1, Fx2 keys

What is the problem?

Being able to mark tracks in song mode to highlight sections in the song. especially if you are using all 8 tracks.

What do you want to achieve?

While “rec” in song mode. Selecting a single or group of blocks and pressing one of the 4 coloured keys to change the block to that colour, if you press the same colour again it goes back to white.

Are there any workarounds?

not use all tracks to make references, but i like all tracks. and I want to make unexpected pixel art like the Polyend Play

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

There is a similar feature on LSDj where pressing tripple “B” will highlight a block


This is a great idea. You have my vote when it’s ready to vote

@Aisjam Thank you for your wish. However, we need to test it before it goes into voting. We may be hitting the performance limits with this one.

Had an idea it would be an big ask :slight_smile:. If anything, any way to mark/highlight a song block would be a big help. cheers.

This is a great idea! Would it perhaps be less strain on the performance to allow only one additional color, or perhaps coloring the pattern row rather than a single block?

Can somebody explain to me why this is a desirable feature? :blush:

I can’t get my head around it…

By looking at a quite big song, with a lot of different patterns and variations, it’s very hard to tell which part is what just by looking at white squares and numbers. Colours could at least help identify some specific parts like verses and chorus, or where some important variations happen. Personally It would be very helpful with my workflow :slightly_smiling_face:

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This right here, especially when using all 8 tracks! It’s just one giant brick and your only way to locate where you are is from the row #. Different colors would make this a quick glance to know when a breakdown or section change is coming in the song.

This would however, be far more effective if the scrolling position in song mode was to be centered or closer to the top (rather than one row form the bottom). I’ve been meaning to submit that specifically as a feature request but going through the forum to double check is hasn’t been submitted previously. This is far more helpful using it for performance rather than just building a track, but it would help significantly!

Legitimately my first thought on the first day using the tracker was it needed color in song mode lol :sweat_smile: I saw above that might be too much on the device to perform this operation, I’m curious if it’d be easier on the process to add a color to just the Slot and Pattern columns, rather than a specific cell? maybe a colored outline or a color strike-through on selected rows in those two columns in song mode?

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