Slice Alternative

Considering the lack of a slice feature or Time Stretch the best option left is to actually import a sliced loop and then re organise it on the PLAY, actually a pure RANDOM Play Mode would do nice :slight_smile: UNless I’m missing something?

You are not. Indeed it’s probably the best to prepare the samples outside of the play and then load them into a project on the Play. When you load samples, you have to define a folder where they are going to live.

This allows you then to use the Randomize Feature: Sample In Folder to semi randomize which slice/sample is used.

Using Chance would be another option. But as far as i know using Random Sample there, will go through the entire Pool (unless someone corrects me :laughing:).

Not sure if you have seen this Sample Slice Mode wish list post, but it would help voting for this as a future feature for Play, hopefully it’s a feature thats in the works, it’s got a good number of votes.

The slicing feature would not only be cool for drum breaks but you could also create a sample chain of say, different chords progressions of a synth sound you like and use the slice feature to play these back via Play, another cool addition to this would be if you could say select a particular sample slice and be able to play it back chromatically, I should add this to the sample slice post.

Voted for it

You could load a small loop and adjust the start and end points. Then shift them around. I don’t think we can move the start and end points together though…