Show recent projects

What is the problem?

Its difficult to search through and find previously saved projects

What do you want to achieve?

A list of recent projects in chronological order

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Polyend Tracker has recent projects menu

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Hey @pandigital , i’ve taken the liberty to change the title and update the description a bit to ensure it follows our guidelines. Hope that is ok :blush:

Now let’s get into the meat of it, since i feel like this wish should be fleshed out some more.

So, what you are looking for is a search or sorting functionality? Or maybe even a filter functionality? How are notes going to help you during searching?

If you feel like notes would be useful when a project is already opened, then i think this could be a considered as a second wish and should probably be separated from this wish.

Audiopreviews i feel is a bit overkill, especially since that would imply that whenever you save the project, an audio preview would have to be rendered, prolonging saving times. Assuming this would be possible of course.

Thanks @Sandroid - the meat of the wish is to be able to scroll through projects and have some idea what they are without having to load them. This could include a date / timestamp of when they were created; Metadata such as tempo; or tags / notes of the projects context.
I love the autonaming feature that Polyend provide as it saves time, but it can also leave you with a list of unidentifiable projects.

While it may not be as cool as something related to the musical output of the devices, I really like these kind of house keeping ideas.

I’m not sure the Plays have an internal clock and knows the concept of date and time, so that part might be impossible. But more info about projects while browsing around would definitely be helpful.

As there’s only so much information that can be shown at the same time when scrolling through the list of projects, I’m afraid that it’s either going to be too crammed or require the lines of text to scroll horizontally and then you have to wait for that, which I’d expect to be a PITA. Maybe a solution could be to hold a button (Shift or one of the buttons to the left of the display) and then the currently highlighted project will “expand” to fill the whole screen with additional information (BPM, root note, scale, personal notes, whatever possible). This way you could continue scrolling the list with the main encoder while holding the button and get the expanded information for each project as you scroll.


As far as i know they do not. Or used to not have any concept of time. This may have changed with the new MCUs / Platform.

Date however could be solved by having the user enter a date manually (i think time could be left out).

That is assuming that we keep the current view as it is. An idea could be to offer an option to switch between Project-Listing views. A compact one (which would be the current) and a detailed one, which can span over multiple lines and/or be more graphical.

HAH, i was just going to propose the exact same thing:
possibly using one of the two Screen-keys to be a switch to show additional details aslong as you keep one of the two pressed. :laughing:

I think what would help to move this wish forward, is to find a consensus as to which information would be considered the most useful in identifying a project.

I personally agree with Tempo, Date and possibly two to three tags. Even if these have to be filled out manually by the user.

The OG Tracker has a list of recent projects, suggesting that it has some concept of time. Maybe the Play(Plus) has the same.

This can actually be achieved without the need of having any concept of time, by holding a list.
Whenever a project is saved, put said project to the top of said list and push everything else down.

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Alright, so we got a couple ideas right?

Wanna take a stab at refining your initial wish? :blush:

Keep in mind - the goal of wishes is to limit it to one clearly defined wish - as per our wishlist guidelines.

I’ve edited the wish to just show recent projects and get parity with the tracker

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@here Thanks for your wish. I took the liberty to change the topic name.
It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: