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Thx martinszijjarto :pray:t3:

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Neat! :fire:

I mean… you kinda had to expect that there would be more Tracker+ content right? :laughing:


Please tell me if i’m annoying you all :blush:

So … i sometimes have silly ideas… like this one.
I wanted to create a full track just using the new PERC drum synth. Why? I dunno… sounded like fun.

So all sounds are generated using only PERC and directly on the tracker.
Let me tell you, creating a pad with a synth engine that is meant for percussive elements is not fun :joy:


My first jam with tracker mini, hope you like it!!!


Hey there Polyend crew! I just released a new EP. A lot of the poly synths stuff you hear in this are the Medusa, and most tracks were started on the Tracker before being recorded throught analog gears and re mangled in Live:


Dear community,
Last year I released an EP where the first two track were made with the Tracker.

Have a great day,

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Pretty great tune Sandroid! Well done, love the vibe!

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Just the DFAM Daam massive mate :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound::sparkles:

hi . is it possible to post files of tracks directly here or do i have to upload it elsewhere and just post a link of it here

There is an upload limit of 4 MB i think. So if your file is larger than that, you’d have to upload it to one of the many services out there and share the link.