Setting Volume after -28db it jumps in greater steps


this issue goes with the Play on Firmware 1.4.1

I found out a jump in the parameters when adjusting the Volume on a single track or steps. For example i have a Hihat and try to reduce the Volume it is only possible to reduce the volume step by step up to -28db after that it does jumps from -28db to -36 to -44 and so on.
Maybe this is a bug or intent.

Hopefully you can give me a hint.

Hi @chriz1212 , please read How to report bugs Thank you.

I believe this is intentional. But I think it’s a good candidate for opening a Wish for more fine grained control over Volume (same case for Master Volume, I’d say). Currently, holding Shift makes it jump at even larger steps. Maybe the Shift behaviour can be inverted to allow fine tuning of the values instead.

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@chriz1212 To answer your question, the current behavior is by design. I’ll close this topic. Please log a Wishlist if you’d like to see this improved. Thanks

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