Setting up an empty project template

I’ve been trying a new workflow of improvising sample imports into an empty project whilst jamming. When I do this I have to create Kick, HiHat folders etc if I want to use fills.
How can I create an empty project that already has these folders to use as a template and save having to use the Play+ virtual keyboard each time?

Hi there @pandigital. I have a project called “Template” with all the created empty folders needed for the fills and random. When I start a new project, I load the Template project and then “Save As” a new name in order to not overwrite the template.

I don’t follow what you mean about the virtual keyboard.


This is the folder structure I see - where should I create Kick / Hihat etc in here for the template?
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 22.25.20

Hi @pandigital, there is a wish related to this templating topic: Populate sample pool with fill-compatible folders
Hope it matches!

@djenzar voted!
Is the workaround to create all the folders in a project and then delete all the unused samples to empty the folders and then save it as a template?


Yes, that could do it!

yes create a new project . add some samples and create the folders you need and then save as template project . i did the same with 1 sample in each folder for instant start :slight_smile: ( maybe save more then 1 copy of this template because if you forget to save with new name your template gets overwritten … i forget this often :slight_smile: )

oh and i have also selected my favorite scale and set the delay and reverb and limiter etc. to my personal favor in my template

Yes, this really is annoying! In fact, having the possibility to create a real template -one you can’t unadvertently overwrite- would be a perfect in this regard!