Sending midi from play to ableton softsynths

I’ve done this many times. It’s awesome!

Please make sure that:

  1. You have Track enabled for the In: Play port in Ableton’s MIDI settings. You can also optionally enable Sync (to sync Ableton with Play) and Remote (to send midi CC values from Play to Ableton).

  1. Make sure that the midi notes on the Play have a USB Channel (1 through to 16) set for them. Remember, each step/pad on the Play can have different midi channel settings, so make sure they are sending out over USB.

  1. When you press play on the, eh… Play, you should then see the yellow dots light up in Ableton for a midi track that is set to listen to All Channels. Make sure also that the Ableton track is set to All Ins, or Play.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 9.59.54 AM

  1. If you want to hear what’s going on you need to also record-arm your Ableton track or set monitoring on the track to In. Then, you will see the large bar light up with yellow dots, meaning the midi is coming from the Play and will be monitoring (audible) on your midi track.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 10.03.51 AM

  1. Drop a midi instrument on your Ableton midi track, and enjoy. Yes, Operator is a fine choice. :sunglasses: