Midi cc mapping from play to ableton issue

I’m having issues mapping the cc knobs to midi knobs in ableton live .
I hit midi learn on say the filter of one of lives synth instruments and twiddle the cc knob in the midi section of play .
Live recognises the knob , but when I got use the knob the value doesn’t sweep in-line with knobs position , it seems to act more like and on /off switch rather than a pot …
I’m using the latest firmware 1.4.2 .
Can anyone advise ?

Hi @ryan-6000 , welcome to Backstage. I don’t use Ableton but, in case it helps, this post mentions a “Remote” option that needs to be enabled:

Thanks for that , but yes I have my remote in checked , I think it’s a live thing , need to try sending some stuff directly to midi hardwear …