Second MIDI sequencer page, 16 MIDI tracks in total

What is the problem?

It can be difficult to visually track sequences that contain more than 8 MIDI channels. If there are more than 8 channels needed then a user has to combine MIDI channels on one or more tracks. In addition to this, as musical ideas start to involve more sound sources it would be valuable to keep all the sequencing on the Play and not have to spread it across many hardware sequencers.

What do you want to achieve?

A second page for midi control like the one that is in place now. This would allow 16 tracks of midi.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Why would it sound off? Your idea is consistent with the Play’s product vision:

Polyend Play really wants to be at the center of your studio.

What I wonder is how often do you need more than 8 MIDI tracks, considering that you can trigger multiple MIDI channels from the same track? How often do you trigger 8 MIDI instruments at the same time?

Of course, a second page of MIDI might be possible and useful regardless. As you point out, the MIDI sequencer shouldn’t take as many computer resources as the audio sequencer.

A case in point might be when triggering another sampler like the 1010music Blackbox, easily 3-4 channels. In addition I am looking to add a few things in the upcoming weeks like a Typhon and Blofeld. As the list grows so does the need to coordinate my setup. And I am strongly considering something multi-timbral to add to my setup.

Adding a second Play is a consideration as well. Or a Hapax. But maybe not if the Play has a second midi page. All in all just thinking out loud really. I am still happy if Polyend leaves it as is.

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Actually it’s a very valid request, I also consider getting Blackbox to connect with Play and have stereo samples and streaming from SD card. 16 channels of stereo samples triggering is quite tempting.

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I agree. @uncleage we can move it to #wishlist:draft-wishes if you want. At least we will know whether the Polyend team accepts it for votes.

Moving this to the wishlist sounds like a good idea. Thanks icaria36!

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Ok! Topic moved to #wishlist:draft-wishes, template added, and now the top post is editable by everyone.

Moving @uncleage’s initial post to the comments, so it’s not lost.

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@uncleage thanks for the wish. Unfortunately we have to reject this one due to technical limits. Best regards

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