Scale Type and Scale Root Note are changing immediately while I turn the encoder

Bug Description

When I have existing sequences running and I want to change scale root note or scale type, changes are applied immediately as I turn the encoder but according to the manual they shouldn’t:

  1. Scale Type.
    • Turn (Screen) to highlight ‘Scale Type’ then press (Screen) to select
    the options. Turn (Screen) to highlight and then press (Screen) to
    select a desired scale.
  1. Scale Root Note.
    • Turn (Screen) to highlight ‘Scale Root Note’ then press (Screen) to
    select the options. Turn (Screen) to highlight and then press
    (Screen) to select a desired scale root note.

It should instead require me to apply changes by pressing the encoder down.

Current behaviour creates some issues for me. For example, I want to record my performance using the Play as a MIDI sequencer. Let’s say I’m in C Major scale. I want to switch to G Major at the beginning of the next section. While I turn the encoder, scale changes to C#, D, D# etc which makes chromatic modulations that don’t sound musical. Also it’s very difficult to do scale switch on specific time.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Make some melodic sequences with many different notes.
  2. Turn on Scale filter.
  3. Start playback.
  4. Change scale root note by turning the encoder slowly and listen what is playing.


Bug is reproducible always.

Found in

  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Build: 1297

I actually like that it changes when highlighted. I’m not sure it is a bug.

Thank you @5020780 for submitting this bug report as a continuation of Regression? Scales change without pressing the encoder.

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@5020780 thanks for reporting this issue and sorry for the inconvenience it caused. You are right, this regression happened between releases 1.1 and 1.2
We’ll try to change it back and let you know when it’s resolved. Thanks for your support!