Regression? Scales change without pressing the encoder

The other day I found this wonderful video which showcases some interesting techniques using the Play as a MIDI sequencer:

At 1:00 the author shifts all notes in the pattern to another key creating interesting key progressions.
In the video, he first selects a new root key, and then apply it by pressing the encoder. The key doesn’t change untill he commits the change.
I’ve tried to do the same, but failed with it. The key changes immediately as I turn the encoder which makes unpleasant key changes because it goes chromatically.
Harmonic key changes (e.g. to left or to right through the circle of fifths) do sound musical, whereas chromatic key changes don’t.
Apparently in one of the recent updates something has changed in this regard. I prefer the old behaviour. I’d like to record MIDI from Play into a DAW, making key changes in real-time, but this new immediate behaviour breaks that techique.
The same applies to scale changes.
What do you think of this? Which way of changing keys you prefer more? Instant with each encoder turn or commiting through encoder press?
Also, with the old way it’s much easier to make changes at specific time, e.g. when a new section of the track starts.
There is another possible option: rearrange keys in the Scale Root Note list so that notes are placed in order of the circle of fifths rather than chromatically, like C-G-D-A-…


What I found in the manual:

Scale Type.
• Turn (Screen) to highlight ‘Scale Type’ then press (Screen) to select
the options. Turn (Screen) to highlight and then press (Screen) to
select a desired scale.

Scale Root Note.
• Turn (Screen) to highlight ‘Scale Root Note’ then press (Screen) to
select the options. Turn (Screen) to highlight and then press
(Screen) to select a desired scale root note.

So according to the manual it’s required to press the encoder to apply selection of root note and a scale. May we consider this a bug then?

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We don’t know whether the change is by design or accidental. But if the original behavior was documented in the manual, it has changed, and the new behavior is in your opinion worse than the previous one, then yes, please fill a Bug .

(Also, I have edited the title to describe the topic.)

Continues on Scale Type and Scale Root Note are changing immediately while I turn the encoder.

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