Sample slicing mode

This would of been super helpful in my last track Deep Sea Jungle : Ambient DnB Featuring the Polyend Play [official Music Video] - YouTube

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i made an account just to vote on this


Great Idea. Would be even better if you can make slice-grids with a parameter to set the number of grid slices and bar length of the sample. Maybe the slices can be laid out like the newer melodic sequencer where each be spread across the grid keys where each vertical grid row is a slice and the whole grid can be scrolled up or down. Basically the UX could be done this way. Maybe also a folder could be made for the grid slice where the user can use the slices as a pack on the project. With this I think it would be good to be able to save that to reuse in other projects. Just riffing here…


Going to skip voting on this one, as its a no brainer, an absolute a must have …

Id rather have this over being the the first nation to land on the lunar south pole :wink: (If I was Indian) … apologies for the word analogy but I’m serious about the brilliance of instruments

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Any news on sample slicing reaching Play 1.5? It’s the top voted feature request for Play and would have thought this would have surely been one of the features to have made it into Play by now.

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Wondering if this is something we might see in the Play or perhaps the Play+ given it’s massively increased CPU.

I was actually writing a similar wish this evening and saw this one pop up so I killed it but stil wanted to share a thought

An interesting idea I had that totally fits the Play paradigm would be that the Play sees slices the same way that it sees files in folder. So all the currently functionality of the Play interacting with files in folders could be applied to slices in a file.


Yeah, I would like to think randomisation/chance/action functions would be available on sample slicing when it comes, it would also be cool to see chromatic playback of sample slices and be able to select a slice play it chromatically on the keyboard.

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I wanted to add an idea to this. When I made my sliced up breaks, I was wondering if there could be a specific folder the Play listens out for like “Slice”, So we can create patterns that loads the slices in as a sequence? or create custom slice patterns like the drum fill.


Oooo! That would be freaking awesome. And then the typical options of either transient marker slicing or equal slicing would do it to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I can only imagine what can be achieved with parameter locking and randomization on each of the slices. Hope we see this one on Play+ soon.

having just spent hours importing drum loops into ableton, manually editing slice points & exporting folders of individual drum hits for my play (note: it’s not fun) I would like to give this glorious wish a timely bump :blush::pray:

by a mile my no.1 wish for the play(+)

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It’s been a year now for the wish that is the most wanted feature on the Play, is it going to see the light anytime soon, there’s already been posts that midi performance is going to feature on the next firmware update, but what about the sample slicing that folks are asking for, surely this needs to join the next update?

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I’ld rather have Change a parameter after the sample has begun (trigless trigs)
:laughing: war of the wishes
and it’s all up to them not us :wink:

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This should have been added. 2-28-24

Since this wish was accepted, is this then an acceptable wish again: Basic Time Stretching for the Play? It was declined because the Play(+) doesn’t have a sample editor…

I wouldn’t get your hopes up man, its been a while since this was requested and although the top voted request for the Play… still waiting, next firmware update is focused on the midi performance feature, so I can’t see this being added this time round either, as for Basic Time Stretching for the Play it would be very cool to have an option to stretch loops automatically to the projects BPM on the grid, but as they have said in the past, it doesn’t fit their direction for Play, which I don’t quite understand, as this wouldn’t even be anything like too advanced for a beginner, in actual fact it would be another plus point of how easy it is to make music on the Play by being able to drop say, a drumloop or a atmospheric pad and have the Play stretch to the projects BPM, instead of the user currently having to do this on another device, add to sd card and then re-import the loop to a project, it’s a feature that would be welcome on the Tracker too, as the current timestretching tool is not automatic.

C’mon Polyend, lets have it :pray:

Yeah I know. I just don’t get it. They say playability is part of this direction. What’s more playable than reusing sample loops, pitching them up and down while still being synced to the tempo? That’s instant jamming and playing, as the name suggests…


Trying to visualize how slicing would work on the Play, but I don’t get it (…yet). As it doesn’t have playable pads like some of the mentioned references (MPC, Maschine, Circuit), I don’t see how a ‘typical’ slicing mode (slice to pads) would work.

A basic sample editor I can see: cropping, normalizing, looping, fade-in and out.

Or is setting multiple starting / cue points per sample what you’re after? Like the Elektron Digitakt slice machine? That I can see, so the randomizer could pick / jump through a sample to those given points or predefined beat grids. Or you can ‘quick select’ saved starting / cue points while programming a step.

This all could be part of a basic sample editor: set cue point or marker (SP-404mk2 before slice-to-pads action).

A workaround option for the latter could be to copy / paste a tweaked step including a specific starting point. Still working with the same loaded sample, instead of multiple smaller ones inside your project.

I guess a bit like the digitakt would work as you say. a slice grid. it would mean not having to pre-slice all your drum breaks on a computer before importing them.
grab a break, slice grid. go.

it would be epic imo.

Yeah I imagine it could be done Digitakt style like, either to a slice grid, or auto slice at transients.
The way the Play users folders for it’s algorithms is also important here, so I imagine when slicing a sample it is sliced to it’s own folder, the user is able to select which slice to play by holding the pad and selecting the slice number for that sample, obviously slice would also be an option under chance/action for Random Slice and Random Slice under the randomiser function.

The slice folder comes into it’s own, whereby using the Random slice function can then take random slices from either the immediate sliced sample or all the various sliced samples in the slice folders, this would be such a cool feature, especially when it’s used with the Nuke, Duke Nuke algorithms, can imagine some wild loops being created with this.


Hey @Mitch, totally understand you guys can’t reveal what is going to make it onto the next firmware update as things are subject to change, can we at least get some idea or hint if sample slicing is going to make it onto the Play in the near future though :pray: :wink: