Sample import is often botched

I absolutely love the Tracker Mini but this bug is driving me nuts.

I don’t know if this has been reported before, if so I didn’t notice, my bad, I’m sorry.

Sometimes loading a sample doesn’t go as expected. Often it only imports about 2/3rd of the sample. And these aren’t long samples either, but on the other hand, I’ve never seen anything go wrong on short one-shots. It’s always breaks, a spoken phrase, something I’d like to chop. Sometimes but not always a reload of the project, or reloading the sample, or turning the Tracker Mini off and on solves it

Right now I’m having a real hard time getting this particular sample to work at all, so I hope this is off any use. I have a sample of a woman saying “ongaku”. Whatever I try the " ku" part won’t play. In preview it’s fine, but when loaded in the project the “ku” part is gone. I’ve kept trying and now another level or error happened, the sample is now played at a very low pitch only! It’s not the notes I play, the sample gets dropped down 3 or 4 octaves upon loading.

In the attached picture, the small peak on the right, and everything after that, will not be played. When reversed it’s also ignored, as if the last part of the sample never existed.

When I load a sample I expect it to be unchanged from the original.

Bug is reproducible sometimes


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Is this possibly related to issues with Snap to Zero?

Go to Config → Project Settings → Snap to Zero and turn that off and see if the issue still exists.

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Hi @Sonof8Bits,

I’m sorry you’re having problems with our gear. I’m more than happy to investigate this issue, but I need some more specifics. Could you please upload a zip file with the project, the samples you were trying to use, and the settings?

Exact reproduction steps would be useful too. :slight_smile:

Just to make sure that everything is fine: check ADSR of this instrument. Maybe decay is shorter than your sample. Just checking

Hi, @Sandroid, @Hans,

I turned off snap to zero (and read the thread about it), and yes, this is the problem! Sorry to make a duplicate thread, I didn’t know it was the same issue.

If you want a project with the exact sample, so it’s reproducible, I’m happy to supply.

Unrelated, but, is changing username tied to the whole exp thing here on the forum?

All the best,
Son of 8-Bits

Not a bad suggestion, but the problem is in sample editing. The slice with the last part never plays at all, because of the snap to zero bug. Thanks for trying to help!

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Hi, thanks for getting back with more info. Glad turning off the snap to zero is a viable workaround for now.

Would still like to have a look at your project and the exact sample if that’s not a problem.

Not sure what you mean with the username question. @Sandroid might have an answer to that.

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I think i can help with that. :blush: @Sonof8Bits , write me a message with what username you’d like to have and i’ll change it for you. :muscle:

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@Sonof8Bits Yesterday Tracker Mini 1.0.1 firmware update was released, with a Snap to zero fix. :slight_smile:

Could you give it a try and let me know if your issue has been resolved?

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