Returning device - doesn't fit my workflow & some feedback

Hi there,
After testing the tracker + for some weeks, I would like to return it.
I have sent a message on Thursday, specifically to service support and later to sales support, but no answer yet.
Does anyone know what the correct procedure for returning is?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @kohde , contacting support is definitely the right way to go about it.
I’m sure they’ll get back to you by next week.


Thanks Sandroid :slight_smile:
I can get in detail why I am returning it, it has to do with my workflow and parameters that are essential to me.

No need to justify your return :blush: , we all have different needs and workflows. :heart:
But if you are on the fence or have things you think the Tracker could benefit from, feel free to mention them of course!


I think it is not new to the community, but here we go:

If I decide to use a sample (Tracker names it INSTRUMENT then, which turns to be 1 sample); if I want 2 tracks with the same sample but with different envelopes I have to load the sample file twice (in 2 different slots); and the same goes if I want to change envelopes in each step.
I have tried to make some alternative solutions such as working with LFO on the volume (as 1 of the FX) to make the steps with soft or hard attack (but it does not really work).
Loading the same sample in different slots was the only real solution I found; but it is not a good move for me, as the memory gets full very easily with long samples and the process of loading the same file takes time.
I got used to the workflow with the model:samples and the digitakt I guess.

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You are not alone, infact i wrote a wish exactly for this:

But as you say, for now the only way around it, is to copy the instrument. I personally don’t work with very long samples so i haven’t really had an issue with this workaround. But i can see this being a problem for people (like you) with longer samples of course.

Hopefully eventually this will be addressed and added and maybe we shall meet again :blush:


Preach Brother, we need this feature. :+1:


The device was returned and I had already a refund. Thanks!