Resample Master Audio Output While On Perform Page (or any page really)

What is the problem?

Users can’t take full advantage of the perform page when composing.

  • No way to record performance MIDI
  • No way to add perform page edits to existing patterns
  • No way to copy perform page settings to a new pattern

What do you want to achieve?

To compose music on the Tracker alone, fully utilizing the amazing perform page you designed!

Are there any workarounds?

  • Setting all tracks to MIDI out and recording them using another device.
  • Recording the master audio on another device.

Any links to related discussions?

I’m sure there are

Any references to other products?

MPC, Maschine, Push, etc.


Yeah this would be amazing.

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And yes there is :laughing: . There is already a wish with a good chunk of votes on it. See here:

I’ll close this one :blush: , make sure you vote on that existing request :v:

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