Render Selection renders in mono?

Hi there, I understand that the resampling workflow is to Render Selection, but with version 1.1 of the Mini firmware, I get a mono sample render when doing so. Is this not supposed to render a stereo sample? I can reproduce this every time.

do you render and load in one step? there is a know bug that it imports a mono file when doing so. loading the same rendered sample from the sample loader, will load it in stereo.

I see. I did check and found that bug report but it was marked as fixed already and looked old so I assumed this wouldn’t be that bug still being there.

Is there also a known bug for rendering a very long tail? I got a 60 second sample when Rendering Selection without loading - and you’re right, it then rendered it in stereo!

I can’t edit the 60 second sample because it’s too large.

There is one indeed:

In the Sample Loader you could use Import instead of Add or Add Next. This will allow you to crop the sampel to the length you require, without all the excess for now.

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That’s nice to know that there’s a workaround. Thanks also for the link to the bug report. Is there any way to tell if that’s on the dev team’s radar or are they handling that stuff internally with separate bug reporting systems? I’m just curious to learn how the relationship between this forums and the moderators/admins and the “actual dev team” works and whether something being filed as a bug here means it’s got their attention.

The reason why I’m asking is because this has been the most obvious bug I’ve come across in my use so far and it’s obvious enough that I’d suspect it affects nearly ever user of the product. Though that’s clearly speculation on my end. :slight_smile:

There is yes:

Polyend will add a tag called logged, meaning they are aware of it and it’s in their backlog.
If this is a separate bug system, is unclear. But yes - Polyend is very active here.