Render selection creates excessively long samples

Bug Description

When rendering a selection, the resulting audio files includes excessively long silence.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open supplied project
  2. Render Pattern on Track 1
  3. Look at the resulting audio file after loading or in the view before importing


Bug is always reproducible. After multiple attempts at rendering, one render was actually cut short, but that could not be reproduced.

Found in

  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Build: 833


render (1.6 MB)

Other Information

This post started as a question, hence below is the original message:

When you render a single pattern track with sends on it, the resulting sample is very long (almost a minute) and contains the contents of a track plus a tail of complete silence. A theoretical workaround would be rendering tracks dry and adding the effect later, but what if you don’t want to drench everything in delay and reverb sauce?


that seems odd. do you have an example project you can upload so others could try this as well?


Hi and thanks for the response. Here’s a project. Selection0025
render (1.6 MB)
is a render of a dry track. Selection0026 is a render of a track with a delay send on it.
Kind regards.

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@dnapierala1980 , thanks for the project. I just investigated this a bit and you seem to have found a bug :bug: ! :laughing:

I’ve tried a couple things:

  • Rendering the entire pattern
  • Rendering part of the pattern
  • Removing the last step and then render
  • changing some steps and then render

The outcome was always the same, that the resulting audio file includes lots of unecessary silence .

I have therefore changed this topic into a bug report and filled it out with all the information you and i have gathered. :heart:

As a workaround for now:
You can always import the sample via the Sample Loader and use the Import function there.
That will allow you to cut the sample down to only the necessary parts at least.


Thank you so much for your effort. When that’s fixed, this little machine will be a true gem. And as always, it was a pleasure to work with you ;). Kind regards, Dominik.


jesus, how the f does something like this fall through the mazes. it’s beta tested for gods sake

excuse my lingo

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Jesus says, he knows, that Rome wasn’t built in a day :wink: But he is full of hope :wink:


I’m having the same issue. I thought i was doing something wrong, kinda glad this is a real bug :smiley:


Can confirm this is still an issue in 1.8 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

same problem here, can’t even edit the rendered file because it’s too big. I’m looking forward for a solution and can’t wait to use the tracker plus to its full potential :slight_smile:

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