Really annoying problem how to import samples?

I feel really stupid. I filled the card with samples and can pre listen to them just pushing the knob and it sounds so i guess the samples is ok right?
When pushing the know i prewie it. If i choose the right option (Load Waw) it doesn’t load the sound it takes me to another folder
So do i need to put the samples in some kind of folder/direction for this to work?
I take a picture of it to show you how it works.

It’s to bright to se the text but it’s , from left to right:
Back, play, Load waw.
When i chose load waw it wont load the choosen sample it takes me to another folder.
What do im doing wrong guys??

Yes you have to load the wav files into a folder. Ideally you create multiple folders with names like “kicks” but you don’t have to.


Ok i got this i need to load folders!

Right? I can’t load samples?

Also is there a way to delete a folder from a projekt?

They already are in folders names kicks etc. But i have MANY kicks in that folder. So now option to import just one kick i have to load the whole folder?

Ok i managed to make a new foldet and put the kick i wanted to use in it
Steange sample import solution

I need to delete a folder from the sample pool us this possible?

Omg so i need to make many folders!

Yes in your sample pool, you need to create at least one folder to load your samples into. This sample pool is per project.

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Yeah i understand
Can i delete a folder i imported to the pool?
Thanks a lot

Yes. When a folder is selected, press Shift + Delete.


Just for context to explain WHY you need to create folders.

This is mainly because there are probability / chance options that can randomize the played sample from within a folder. Also there are fills that can create melodies and rhythmic elements based on samples in folders.

That’s why every sample has to be in a folder.


I get the why, but it would be very helpful if the pool was automatically populated with folder names that worked with the randomizer. It would make starting a new project much easier. I think there’s a wishlist item for that.

Yes, exactly!

There you go: Populate sample pool with fill-compatible folders


I got it going now thanks :grin:

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This step shows you the folder list. You can choose a folder your sample will be entered to.

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I sorted out every problem regarding sample handling now.

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