Random fill function is changing / reverting my sample

I can use random fill to generate a pattern, and then change/ or audition different samples within that pattern, but as soon as I hit the fill button again (to randomize the pattern again) it also reverts to the original sample selected. Is there a way to prevent this, so I can continually generate random patterns and also try different samples at the same time?

I think the random fill function should only alter the pattern and not affect the current sample selected or revert to the original sample when triggered.



I’m having this exact issue and it’s such a pain in the ass. There should be a setting for locking down the sample on the track when using the Fill. I can’t believe how this has been overlooked as it’s the most natural expectation of outcome using the feature. Tbh, if the argument is “well it’s by design like that”, maybe the design is not good.

Exactly. Surprised this has not received any more feedback / response from Polyend or the community - love to see this updated

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