Projects dont open anymore

Some projects dont open.

I have two projects (by far my best on the play+) that dont open. The progressbar just stands where it is. Sometimes the play crashs if i open them. The projects are quite big with many patterns but that shouldn be a problem.

This big appeard after i had used the play with another project together with ableton. I tried everything disconect from PC etc but the projects dont open. I did not messed arround with samples on the drive etc. Only difference the projects where exportet as Stems.

Is there something i can do to save these projects?

@Zone13 Thank you for reaching out about this.
Would it be possible to attach or send (via wetransfer or google drive, etc.) one of these projects?
I will check if it’s possible to open it on my devices.

@Zone13 I will just jump in quickly, most likely it seems it’s this issue: Freeze whilst loading sample packs, folders or files which exceed 32 char
Do your projects contain samples which have more than 32 characters? Thanks for reporting the issue!

when you say “samples which have more than 32 characters?” - do you mean “sample filenames which have more than 32 characters” ?

Yeah its that bug i have found some samples in the project file…renaming wont work i think?

@justin.worrall @Zone13 Yup, the filenames that have more than 32 characters :slight_smile:
And yes, renaming them on the SD card and loading them again should do the trick.
Mind, that editing the Samples names in the Project folder may influence it. The Play may not recognize them anymore. So I would do a backup before changing it.

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