Program change out would be amazing

and make this thing a lot more usable! more than it is that is. right now im using tracker for drums because i feel it has a nice drum sound and with the limiting and eq its a nice crisp place for drums to happen and it sounds absolutely tight. im also enjoying the fact that patterns can be 128 steps!

but please give me Program Change out! make it a step FX like i know you want to. :hamburger:

Hi, maybe I’m not understanding, but see Can Polyend Tracker send out MIDI program change messages?.

And in general, if you have a wish, please follow Writing a good feature request and make it a Wishlist wish. :slight_smile:

Not sure what you’re talking about.
Midi program change?


Well, it’s already implemented. Read the manual…
You just have to assign it in the instrument parameters for the CC.

hmm i assumed it wasnt in there because its not in the list of step fx my bad!

Yeah, the midi CC channels are A-F in the FX-list.

Once you defined an instrument as a Midi Channel you can see and change the settings in the Instrument Parameters.

ok so i havent checked it yet but i want to place a PC on any step, can i do that?

yes, you can place a PC command on any step that has an FX slot available.

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ok we are back in business haha

that was a few steps away from where i thought it might be

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felt the same way initially :laughing:

but considering that midi channels are treated the same way as instruments… it all makes sense :blush:

and program change is almost all you need really. any of the cc can be made a ‘macro’ depending on what youre controlling