Problems MIDI syncing Play and Tracker with other gear

Hello there, first post on this forum. Using Polyend Tracker and Polyend Play in my setup.

I am trying to have a good sync between polyend Tracker and Play without success. It seems that there is no midithru function so I need to rely on the midi out from one unit to another.

In my setup I am using Expert Sleepers USAMO to send tight Midi Clock signal from DAW to my Eurorack and Elektrons (midi thru between them) and that works very well and very tight but the Polyend units can’t have the same sync even using the same midi signal that’s being provided in parallel using a thru box: (DAW> Audio out > USAMO hardware box > Tracker Midi in > Tracker Midi out > Play Midi in) (USAMO provides audio rate syncable midi clock).

Is there anything I am missing here? Should I switch to USB Midi for Tracker and Play and not using Tracker midi out > Play midi in in this case?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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On the Tracker side you can change the Clock Sync Delay in order to get a tighter clock:

Clock sync delay – from -50 to 50 (Allows compensating latency of the incoming sync signal. Use this with “Clock in” set to MIDI input jack or USB. Unit is tempo-dependent: 1.0 is 1/250 or a pattern step).

Source: Tracker Manual - Polyend

This option does not exist on the Play though.

I’ve never used the USAMO myself so i don’t have any experience with it. But in general i have a much better/stable clock when i make the Tracker or the Play the MIDI clock master and slave everything else to that clock.

In my personal setup i’ve come to rely on the Blokas Midihub in between everything:

  • Tracker or Play send Clock
  • DAW, Eurorack, and all other devices receive that clock.

Thanks for answering this @Sandroid !

I looked into Clock Sync Delay also, it kind of does the job but not to what I was expecting. I will try to send midi sync in parallel to both units at same time instead of daisy chaining from Tracker to Play to see if I can have better results.

When running only the two units and using Tracker as master clock the timing is as tight as Midi can be so no problems there.

Using Tracker as master isn’t an option for this setup. That’s why I am using USAMO to sync everything else. (it uses Audio Signal from the interface to generate midi sync).

thanks everyone!

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regarding my midi sync issues, just saw this “firmware 1.7: redesigned midi path (increased clock stability with less jitter)”

fingers crossed!


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Definitely. Sending it in parallel instead of chaining definitely helps. Let us know how it goes. :crossed_fingers: