Popping and cracking sound when recording sample using the internal mic with high Display Brightness

Bug Description

There is a popping and crackling sound when recording with the internal microphone. The levels are in the green and not clipping. Latest firmware has been updated.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Turn unit on.
  2. Go to menu and select sample recorder.
  3. Select internal mic as recording source.
  4. Check levels and gain to make sure that it is not peeking or clipping.
  5. Push the record button.
  6. Record sample.
  7. Playback and hear the popping noise. This occurs with every instance of recording with the internal mic.


this bug is reproducible. It occurs with every instance of recording using the internal mic.

Found in

Version 1.0.0
Build 492


I have audio files, short wav files - it went let me upload them

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You can upload them as zip files.

Archive.zip (1.0 MB)

Thanks, I uploaded it

Quick question, just to rule it out. What’s your screen brigthness set to? If it’s set to medium. Try turning it to high and see if that helps.

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Hello. The brightness setting was and has been on high. I set it to medium and the popping noise went away when both using the internal mic and the line in. I have been afraid to put the brightness back to high since it now seems to work, is this a known issue?

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Not sure if it’s a known issue per se and/or just nature of electronics. The Mic on my Mini for example picks up hiss/noise when i set the screen brigthness to Medium, but is perfectly noise-free when set to Low or High :joy: . So most likely it’s some electrical interference.

Not sure if the root cause is just the microphone itself or if its a shielding issue. I imagine shielding in such a small device is probably a pain in the butt :laughing:

Also relevant?

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Hello @chrisbratcher, thank you for reporting this issue to us. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using our product. Unfortunately, I can not fully reproduce this issue and would like to have a bit more info from you.

  • My first question is, during the time of recording, were you holding the device, or was it sitting on a surface?
  • The second question I have is, was something plugged into the device, like an audio or USB cable, maybe headphones?

I’m asking because I could partially reproduce similar pops when I was holding the device, or had headphones plugged in and moved around. But unable to reproduce with nothing plugged in while recording. It will help us to assess the situation a bit better.

Hello! I was holding the tracker mini and it was using battery power. The only thing contacted was headphones. It was suggested that I try to record with the screen brightness on dim instead of high and it resolved the popping noise while recording. I was only curious if this was known to happen??

Thanks for reporting this bug, it is a known issue and we will do our best to resolve it, and notify you when it’s ready.

The internal mic from the Mini is a contact-style microphone. Holding the device and things like touching the case or buttons, or moving around with headphones plugged in will be picked up by the mini during recording. It has some very creative use cases, but it also is something to keep in mind while sampling.

If you need more assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us again :slight_smile:

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