Polyrhythm ( Different Track length in a pattern )

What is the problem?

Currently there is no way for tracks to have independent lengths.

What do you want to achieve?

The ability for a Pattern to play Polyrhythms

Are there any workarounds?

You can create “pseudo” polyrhthms depending on the track lengths . For example if Track 1 is 16 steps and Track 2 is 12 steps, you can have a pattern with 48 or 90 steps as both tracks end their iteration on the same step.
On Track 1 you copy steps 1-16, and paste them to steps 17-32, 33-48, 49-64… all the way to step 128
On Track 2 you copy steps 1-12, and paste them to steps 13-24, 25-36, 37-48…

Any links to related discussions?

*See below

Any references to other products?

Play/Play+ length per track

Are there any workarounds?

to do a lot of copy/paste

Notes and Conversations

Have an FX that resets the individual track to step one back to row one… or separat length setting for tracks somewhere.
this would make it easy to do Polyrhythm and also short say hh pattern repeat hole track to pattern end of pattern length. and when edited the hole patten is filled

Implementation way one:
The track with the FX “jump back to one”
make ghosted rows like grayd out or different colour, to the end of pattern length.
( you cant edit these, but maybe copy with selection so you can tur it in to real copies)

Implementation way two:
The track with the FX “jump back to one”
just jumps back to 1 but the others continue as normal.
this would make the playhead be on different places for different track.
in play the playhead follows the selected track in the mid row.
in rec just the black playhead pos would move different on different tracks
( this woud also make it possible to have conditional fx on the jump back fx )

Implementation way three :
in pattern view press last screen button “more” 3 time and (pattern) “Track length” for each track fills the screen button row.
probably draw out ghosted / faded copies of the looped bit to end off pattern length


Hey @andreas-1674, thanks so much for your wish draft. Personally love this idea :heart_eyes:

I would suggest taking a bit of time to rewrite/reword and focus on what you wish to achieve, not on how to implement your wish. I am happy to take your implementation ideas to a separate section at the end of the draft, as they are good ideas :slight_smile: All the best!

I seen that they could not do something similar to this with the tracker, so I started thinking of different ways too.

So maybe a possible solution is maybe have an FX that you can set to have all notes in the track able to jump/move/revolve a certain number of steps forward or backwards. say you have a four on the floor (4,8,12,16) and you have a FX set to jump 3 steps forward, your next set would be (3,7,11,15) and then(2,6,10,14) and then (1,5,9,13) but if you used the fx on another step on the same track I think you could and up with crazy patterns. This solution would allow the playhead to always be synced up and every track would be the same length.

This was the thread I read before and what made me think about another way to possible get this achieved. Allow different number of steps per track on the Tracker - #7 by pt3r


I feel there have been a couple of wishes that touch on some form “not having all tracks playing the same step at the same time” idea. I think a lot of users get inspired by the Pattern Play Mode in the Performance section, as it does kind of elude that a given track’s current step has the ability to be independent.

Have you considered writing that up as a wish?

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I have a current wish, such a basic wish too haha. This would be the better wish for sure and I been stewing over this for the last week thinking of ways to get it to work on the tracker ever since I got a play.

I’ll write up a draft this weekend actually

Following up on this wish. Would you like me to try submitting it or did you write another one after our above conversation? Cheers!


I would be extremly happy to have a possibility to create polyrhythms on the tracker. I got the m8 for this to go with the tracker mini but i much prefer workflow and sound of the tracker mini and would prefer doing it all in the tracker. I am very curious to see where this wish is going and keep my fingers crossed for any kind of implementation.

dont realy understand, do you want me to just move implementation ides to the end to make it to the Wishlist ? and put in " What do you want to achieve?" to “just an easy way to do Polyrhythm” in the beginnig ?

sorry im not expert in writing in englich , and not a “forum” person
if you want to edit it in a manner you like pleas do

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So, I love polyrhythm and I love my tracker mini. Some times things we love are not meant to meet. If you are looking to do more polyrhythmic stuff, I highly recommend looking at the Play/+. Trackers are not the best stage for this.

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I gave it a go to rewrite your need while following the guidelines for wishes. I did leave your implementation ideas at the end of wish as I do find it insightful and valuable. Please let me know what you think about it.

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looks god !

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@here Thanks for your contribution, the wish is now ready for voting! :slight_smile:

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Would this be for the OG too?

It can be done in perf mode (dirty trick with different tracks on different patterns length but it feels very stunty) but having the ability to do it in single pattern editor/song mode would be so much more useful/reliable.

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I’m at the point where I’ve exhausted every step FX available, so anything new would seriously open up some new avenues of creative opportunity (cough GRANULAR LENGTH FX)

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It would be great to add different pattern speed too (x2 x4 /2 /4) with different track length!


I think different track length is about polymeters not polyrhythms, no?
Polyrhytms are already possible with the micro move effect (coded as ‘m’) but you have to sacrifice an FX slot to achieve them.
To create 5 over 4 polyrhythm:

  • let’s assume one bar is 16 steps long
  • for the ‘4’ part place notes on steps 1, 5, 9, 13
  • for the ‘5’ part place notes on steps 1, 4 + m20, 7 + m40, 10 + m60, 13 + m80.
  • voila, the 5/4 polyrhythm is done.

How do I know where to place notes? 16 / 5 = 3.2. So the rhythmic patterm goes like this: 1, 4.2 (1 + 3.2), 7.4 (4.2 + 3.2), 10.6 (7.4 + 3.2), 13.8 (10.6 + 3.2).


Yeah, different track lenght is to achieve polymeters, to easily achieve polyrhytm (which can be achieved with you suggestion) a scale per track similar to elektron should be implemented. I’ll be glad with different track lenghts, polymeters are important in techno.


I used a vote here too!