Polyend Tracker/mini : Improved Song Mode Workflow

What is the problem?

Current song mode of the Tracker is great but requires a few improvements to accelerate the song making and live performance workflow;

Also, the fact we can delete a pattern directly from Song mode with the “Delete” button is a bit risky, there should at least be a prompt.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Ability to set a number of iterations the section will play (represented by a row in the song UI), there should be a third column on the right side of the screen allowing to set that;
  • Ability to Mute/Unmute tracks from a section directly from the Song view;
  • Ability to copy/paste pattern of individual tracks directly from the Song view;
  • Confirmation prompt when deleting a pattern from a row (to avoid deleting parts of our pattern by accident) and/or undo/redo functions available in this view.

Are there any workarounds?

  • Right now we can duplicate the sections we want to repeat manually but I find it is a bit inefficient;
  • Regarding Mute/Unmute, individual track pattern copy, it is currently possible on the Pattern view;
  • Regarding pattern delete, for now I’m just avoiding to use this button while in Song view.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

  • 1010music Blackbox;
  • Akai MPC;
  • NI Maschine/+;
  • Roland Verselab MV-1.
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Unfortunately, muting tracks in song mode has been declined.

Declined wish

I too am longing for song mode improvements, at least some kind of answer as to where this is going.

Hi, is the reason because we will tend to keep the Tracker’s resources engaged as all the patterns will still play even if muted ?

What about the other suggestions such as the number of iterations per pattern, the copy pasting of individual track patterns, undo/redo and the confirm prompt against unwanted deletion ?

Could we just remove the refused mute/unmute item from this wish and let the other changes to song mode be voted for ?

Polyend stated:

so until we have seen what this improvement will look like, i feel like we should wait and see where this goes, before creating further song mode wishes?

Is that ok with everyone? :blush:

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Just to add that we already brought few improvements to Song page in 1.7.0 release:

  • Add Empty Slot in Song Mode
  • Copy patterns in Song Mode
  • Pattern (on pad matrix) or track (in Song page) are now marked as non-empty when containing any of the following:
    • Note
    • Instrument
    • FX1 / FX2
    • MIDI Channel or CC
    • FAD, CUT or OFF

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