Polyend Play: 1.4 Firmware Update

Thanks for the update :slight_smile: Followed the procedure but a Folder named Synth must be included in order to make the Bass and Chord working or I get a Synth not found, not a real problem as long as I know it needs it. :slight_smile:

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I believe this is the same as A chord mode for audio samples, declined because of technical limitations.

Many thanks for 1.4 :slight_smile:
Do you plan to update the manual with the new features and when?
I am not sure how to name to folders to use Chords&Bass fill properly…

Yeah we’ll get the manual updated this week, will have detailed instructions on this. But while you wait, the steps are similar with the following requirements:

Chord tracks populate 4 tracks

they are 64 steps long so be sure to turn that on before populating

if you select 5th track you can have a chord and bass combo

the kit MUST have a Synth and Bass folder

with names “Synth” and “Bass”


Exactly the details I needed, thank you !! :+1:

Video on Piano Roll. To clear up some confusion - The tracks are still monophonic but the Piano roll works with Multiple tracks Polyphonically.


I think a few of the kits don’t have a synth folder. Lofi for instance. I was super confused. Does it just need synth in the name like with the other folders?

Yes, you are correct. I’ll update the change log but it does require a “synth” folder for chords and not all factory packs have one. Every pack should have “bass” though, which is what the bass fills will draw from.


Hm, I updated to 1.4. and now using the fill-tool there are absolutely no more genre-templates - is this the way it should be? I hope note …

Did you do the following steps? You need to delete the exsiting folder and copy the new one.

New video on the new fill modes

yes I did. Problem was I copied “the new one” and not “the new ones” (which were inside the new one, if you catch my drift :wink:
Anyway, works now.


Great update with this one guys, it’s got me wanting my Play back, abit of sellers remorse has crept and I think another Play is on the cards here! :rofl:

Whens the sample slicing feature coming too? :wink:


Good point, I’ll clarify that in the instructions. Even if you have all the old beat fills in a folder that look exactly the same, you have to load the new ones to work on MIDI.

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Hi ! Yep, that’s true, the samples polyphony being of 8. However the MIDI polyphony is much higher because you can have chords on a single button/step/track. What would be awesome : if only one track is selected in MIDI mode, “valid chords” (= the ones that can be selected with the knob) could be “drawn” in piano roll mode and detected and thus sequenced in the single button/step/track.

(even more advanced : if two tracks are selected in piano roll mode, a main chord could be detected + another note outside of the recognized chords list ; and it would then take 2 steps)

I definitely have to open a wish for this !

Really enjoy the 1.4 update. Sorta highlight how i used to make melodies before so really like the Piano roll visuals to help plan chords.


Is there a Roadmap to see what’s coming for 1.5?

No roadmap to share yet, it will be a couple months before we have news to share on the next Play update.


For future readers, new release and the discussion continues there:

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