Firmware 1.4.1 Freezing 🥶 Hot-Fix Update

Firmware 1.4.1 is ready and fixes multiple freezing issues that were happening in 1.4.


  • Freezing caused by copying/pasting of MIDI tracks that extended the grid
  • Occasional freezing caused by exporting stems of larger projects
  • Play could freeze when using the MIDI CC Mapping menu to change the CC values
  • Play could freeze when using the “Set values for Polyend Tracker” option in the MIDI CC Mapping menu followed by editing CCs in the same menu and using MIDI parameter knobs

Find the firmware here.

Installation Guide:

  1. Download and extract:
  2. If you’re updating from version 1.4.0, skip to step 7, otherwise continue below
  3. Download and extract:
  4. Optional: if you have created your custom BeatFills, make sure to save and copy these to the BeatFill folder individually after step 6
  5. Delete the existing BeatFills folder from your Play SD card
  6. Copy the unzipped BeatFills and MelodyFills folders to the SD card
  7. Copy the .ppf firmware file to your Play SD card > Firmware folder
  8. Optional: save your current project to avoid any potential data loss
  9. In Play navigate to Settings > Firmware > Update Firmware > .ppf file
  10. Click the encoder and confirm with Yes
  11. After update create a new project to initialise the config settings

Awesome thank you! Congrats on the release!


Dope! Signed up just to say I’m thankful for this release as I just started to regularly run into these bugs.


Thanks team!

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Just wanted to clarify I was looking for this from my account and only found this firmware link here, the firmware on my downloads is 1.4 :slight_smile: Thanks guys!!!

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Thanks for the heads up @creativeunderdogs, will get that changed tomorrow and thanks everyone else for your understanding and positivity. Really appreciate it.