Playing slices "continuously"

It would be great to play (with FX ?) slices 2,3,4,… when we just add the slice 1 on a trig

What is the problem?

When a quite long sample is sliced (automatically or not), it’s only possible to play 1 slice on 1 trig. It’s impossible to play the next slices automatically.

What do you want to achieve?

Playing automatically all the next slices after the choosed one : playing slices 2,3,4,… if the slice 1 is on the trig; slices 10,11,12,… if the slice 9 is on the trig and so on.

Are there any workarounds?

I don’t think so but having copies of the same sample (sliced an non-sliced) would be a solution…but it use more memory

Any links to related discussions?

this One : Beat Slice mode allowing to play through to end of sample
But not sure it’s the same wish

Any references to other products?

Elektron Octatrack

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Hey @franck.maintenay, the mentioned wish is exactly what you a proposing:

This would mean if you have 4 slices, and you trigger slice 2, then it will play through 3 and 4 (until the end or an OFF message).

So i suggest you vote on the existing wish and i’ll close this one as a duplicate :blush:

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As I said, I wasn’t sure that it was the same wish, because of the “P” FX explanation. But if it’s exactly the same, OK :wink: ! VOTED!!
Perhaps my post could motivate other people to votre for this needed feature (I guess)

Thanks @Sandroid !

Happy to help! :blush:

Your post will actually be linked to the wish you just voted on, so it’s all good. :heart:

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