Play+ USB Audio Very Late Getting to DAW

Bug Description

USB audio is coming in to Live from Play+ it is very late. I’ve done some detailed troubleshooting in this thread with no luck. It should be mentioned I must use DIN MIDI because USB MIDI just isn’t working.

The lights on Play+ during playback are synchronized with the DAW, not with the inbound audio.

I am using a Mac Studio M1 Ultra on macOS Sonoma 14.2. Ableton Live 11.3.13

Reproduction Steps

It’s always like this. Any audio track that contains USB audio from the Play+ is 108ms late to the party.


It’s always like this.

Firmware: 1.0.1b
Build: 1376
This also occurs with firmware 1.0.0
I have tried different firmware, plugging Play+ directly into my Mac Studio, changing sample rates, using only the Play+ as an audio device, adjusting latency in Live. There are no other options I can think to try, it is definitely a firmware (or hardware) issue in my opinion.

Audio example of the problem is here, first it’s 4/4 kick from Ableton, then unmuting the Play+ back and forth.

The recorded delay is about 0.1085 seconds/108ms as you can see from this recording.

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Hi @alex.kourelis , thanks for your bug report and sorry you’re experiencing problems with Play+. There are a lot of variables in play here, which could affect the sync and MIDI USB. I’ll start addressing problems one-by-one and hopefully we can improve or resolve them…

We would need more information here. Try the following guidelines and please let us know if it helps fix the issue:

Check under KNOWN ISSUES, part about Audio/MIDI over USB.

I cannot reproduce this, although the latency of the recorded audio is heavily influenced by following parameters:

  • Buffer Size and Driver Error Compensation settings in Ableton Prefereces > Audio > Latency. We recommend lowest possible Buffer Size for best results and Driver Error Compensation = 0.
  • MIDI Clock Sync Delay setting in Ableton Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Ports > In or Out (depending on which way you’re syncing). Here signals should be synced manually for best syncing results, just by listening and adjusting.
  • It also depends whether you’re monitoring In or Auto signal on each track that you’re recording, you will hear different results and possibly also record differently.
  • There is also Delay Compensation and Reduced Latency When Monitoring settings in Ableton Options menu, which could possibly also affect the sync of the recorded audio.

Finally, the way Play sync is implemented, the first beat will never be perfect because of the nature of manual start of playback which cannot be predicted by the sync algorithm. Therefore we apply sync compensation after the 1st beat and following beats should become more stable and constant.

In my tests, I would also get such large delay (late) of the first beat with highest buffer size (2048 samples). But using suggestions above, I could get a stable sync working.

Please let me know if any of this helps you resolve the problems.

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Thanks for looking into this and helping out. I just plugged the Play+ into my laptop and it seems to be working as intended, so something I suspect is a problem with my Mac Studio - the computer I was originally trying to use. I appreciate the help!


@alex.kourelis thanks for letting us know, I’ll mark the report as solved.

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