Play unstable Midi Clock Issue - Help!

Hello everyone,

i’m a bit desperate at the moment. I’ve been trying to synchronize my looper (Singular Sound Aeros) with the Play for some time now and cannot overcome this Problem. The Play is the master and the looper acts as a midi receiver. In the whole it works, the looper reacts to the start/stop messages and recognizes the tempo of the midi clock sent from the Play. The only problem is that the clock coming from the Play is not stable, so the looper is always out of sync and makes my setup unusable. I’ve already been in contact with the Developers at Singular Sound (Aeros Looper) and they said that the problem is most likely coming from the Play. I have also tested the looper with a friend’s Elektron Digitakt, where the synchronization works without any problems and the looper does not get out of sync. After some research and reading in various forums, I realized that I am not the only one with this problem.

I am now wondering whether the Polyend team is aware of this problem and whether they are working on solving it. Maybe a solution will come with the next update for the Play? I would like to know because I am thinking about getting rid of the Play, with this problem the Play is not usable for me.

Maybe there are also people here who have a similar problem and have perhaps found a solution.

Thank you for your attention.

Hey @chriz1212 , this issue has come up before and has been logged as a bug, see here:

Thank you. Do you know if there is done some investigation on this problem?

I do not sorry, but i would assume since it’s been logged, investigations are ongoing. :blush:

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How does it respond to be in slave mode and just send midi?

Hey, when i understand you right. The Play should be as slave/ receiver and the Aeros Looper is the master. I didn’t try it this way, because I like to have the Play as centrepiece for Miditempo and Controlcenter for my other instruments. The other way could work but it would be a hustle because all my tracks have fixed BPM and so I had to do extra workaround’s for every song to set the right BPM on the Looper. And when it comes to jamming/ improvisation this could be hard to handle.

Yeah i just liked to know if it’s possible. Me to bought play to be the centerpiece and master.
I hope they working on it.