Play fills not tied to specific channel

Is there any plans to make it so that fills aren’t tied to a specific channel? Used to be that way in previous firmware.

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I assume you are speaking of MIDI fill, correct? There is a fill config to change the channel that the Fill will use but there is no way to fill to an empty channel. Default is channel 1.

Previous behavior was you select whatever midi channel or USB channel, chose the fill, and then hit fill. Now if I want to do a euclidian fill, bass fill, or whatever, it has to be to a pre-selected channel (ex, bass fill can only be assigned to one channel at a time). I used to be able to do a bass fill for channel 3, and then could do another for channel 5 without having to go into settings. Any plans to go back to how it was?


Wow, this sounds… not good :frowning: I actually never got into the fills but now it’s unlikely I ever will unless this is fixed

It has never worked this way. MIDI beat fills were added in 1.4 with the config menu to select the channel. You can select the track and change from channel 3 to 5 after hitting fill as well.

Maybe past behavior was just with note fills. Are there any future plans to not have the fill tied to a specific channel? I have a few different synths that would love to be able to do a bass fill without extra steps

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Hey @hut48ku! I think you’re referring to how the sample-based Fills work. Those all work the same way they did in the past. As @Mitch explained, the MIDI fills have worked the same since they were introduced in patch 1.4

In case you’re not familiar, there’s a really nice system here where if you have an idea for an improvement or feature, you can create a draft wish. In fact I can even change this topic to a draft wish. There is a template to fill in to properly explain what you would like to see implemented. I’m happy to walk you through it if you need some help.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Thanks, will create a draft wish! Was probably using some incorrect terminology too, so will try to clarify in the wish topic :rofl:

Just got the Play+ and reinforces the need for it, especially since this applies to the built in synths now as well. The stereo samples are a niiiiiicceeee upgrade, glad I made the switch :smiley:

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