Play+ default synth gain -9… is this good?

I’m just getting around to learning the new features on the Plus. The synths are low in the mix by default, set to -9. This is easy enough to change, but it had me wondering why so low? I normally start with everything at 0 then go up or down as the mix builds to find the balance. Assuming the synth voice should be on the same starting settings as the sampled tracks, I’m curious if anyone has insight about this decision. Tx!

I’m clearly not an expert on the matter, but I had the same question when I realized “why the synths sound so low” and, like you, I noticed the -9dB.

So I changed it to 0db, and later (when I had forgotten about this change) I started adding voices, and soon enough the resulting audio signal would be distorted. Which makes sense… because if one voice is at 0db, more voices are going to cross that threshold.

Between having users confused about why the synths sound so low or having users confused about why this synth sounds so bad, pick your poison. The first one is much better. :slight_smile: Probably also more compliant with good practices with DAWs, mixing, etc.


Sound reasoning, and thanks for sharing your experience for something I certainly would have tried next. I feel that maybe more tracks should start below the zero line as well?

When I create a new project, first thing I do is bump the synth volume up to -2/3db. Haven’t noticed any distortion at that level and it sounds much more equal in volume to the samples.

I might write a wishlist item to set the global default level yourself to save people like me a bit of time.

Or even potentially assigning one of the unused buttons in synth mode to the synth level to make it faster.

Better still, a mixer mode in the master FX section!

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Hey guys why not save it as a preset?

From what I can tell volume is a project level setting, not a preset one. You choose it for each synth in the synth menu and it applies to all presets.

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I keep meaning to do that… I’d love a preset that is just empty folders so I stop making the same empty folders in every new project. Baby steps :laughing:

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I see what you mean! Ahh I guess it is a project level setting. In that case, maybe you can set the gain and save as a blank template project file?