Play+ and Expert Sleepers FH-2


I’ve been using my Play with Expert Sleepers FH-2 for a while now to send midi over usb into my Eurorack. Always worked like a charm and no issues at all! FH-2 is powering it and receives midi signals.

Just upgraded to the Play+ and somehow I can’t get it to work. Didn’t change anything on the FH-2. The Play+ is plugged in via USB as the Play was, but nothing is received by the FH-2. Midi in and out over Jack is working fine. Feels to me like the Play+ and FH-2 are not talking with each other?

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hello @Mattes could you please share a picture of the midi settings from your Play+ ?

Sure! This is what I have set at the moment. Also just hooked up the Play+ to my iPad for testing and there it works fine, Play+ is sending Midi to the iPad right away.

The FH-2 doesn’t seem to recognize it as a “compliant USB device”… with the Play it instantly showed on screen that a USB device was connected. :grimacing:

@Mattes Have you tried the obvious things like trying different USB cables, and making sure the E-S FH-2 has the latest firmware?

Think they released a new one for the FH-2 a week or two ago. If none of those help you solve the problem, please feel free to report it as a bug, following these guidelines. How to report bugs

Good shout on the firmware.of the FH-2. Haven’t updated it yet, since it was working with the Play before.

Will try that once I’m back from Christmas travels and keep you posted.

Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately, the firmware update did not fix it :frowning: @Hans

Bit of a bummer since this setup was working perfectly with the Play and I do use it as the main sequencer for my eurorack. Going to report as a bug now and hoping it will be fixed soon? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Btw… Can I have my Play back while this is being worked on? :sweat_smile::sob: