Performance features for new synth engines

It’s problematic to live perform with new synth engines cause they are not present at performance page and it is not possible to solo/mute them from performance view or at least from master/mixer (but performance view is preffered for this)

Ideally 3 synth slots should be added to performance view with ability to control macro parameters in similiar way like parametera for sampler tracks (not 8 midi tracks but just 3 synth slots cause often you use synth slots polyfonically where you want affect entire sound simultaneously)
Also mute those 3 synth slots from perf. screen would be heavily increase live performance

There are no workaround for this, you can just mute indivisual midi tracks in pattern view but this is not much practicall for live performance.

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With Firmware v2.0 for the Mini, in performance mode there are various options for performing with the synths (including the macros).

Regarding mute/unmute of the synths, there is a specific wish for it here:

Ok sorry my mistake, i expected there will be new 3 columns on performance page one for every synth slot so it will be possible to enable / disable (to affect them by tweaked FX slot) every of them independently from audio tracks 1-8, but now i see how it works, fx apply enable buttons are paralell for 1-8 audio tracks and 9-16 midi tracks … not ideal but better than nothing

so, if for mute feature there is other thread, this mine can be closed / deleted.

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Hi @Sandroid, is it available on tracker+? In fact, how is it represented? I can’t see any synth thing on the performance view

Oh, so, in fact, selecting track 1 would also select track 9?

Not yet, they will be available with the next update on the Tracker+ and will work the same way.

Ok, thank you!

MIDI Tracks are currently unaffected by performance mode i think.
The synths should be indifferent to the tracks, as they can be positioned anywhere, but i haven’t tried it yet myself.

no it works this way:

Let’s say you have synth instrument notes on midi tracks 9,10 … then if you tweak synth macro parameter in performance page fx slot, you beed to enable (turn red bottom square) on tracks 1,2 of performance page to affect it


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