Optional possibility to set master settings per pattern instead of per project

What is the problem?

There is use case when every pattern in project represents “song” and whole project is like “set”. In this case it is often needed to set differrent track volumes and other master settings (delay/reverb settings and so on) per pattern rather than per project. Now this is not possible.

What should this feature achieve?

Add to peoject settings new option - “master settings : per project / per pattern”

This would make tracker much better when integrated into setup with Elektron devices

Are there any workarounds?

Partially for track volumes - To not use mixer volumes at all, use just instrument volumes. But this is not ideal in case you want to set different volumes of same instrument in different patterns. You can use FX slot, but again, then you loose one FX slot.

Any references to other products?

Elektron devices are storing track volumes and other master setrings (delay, reverb, chorus configuration) per pattern, optionally in project settimgs you can choose from mixer/delay/reverb/chorus tracks to have fixed per project value instead of per pattern

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This sounds like a great addition to an already existing wish:

I’m not sure if it would make sense to add this idea to that existing wish or treat this seperately or as an extension to that wish.

What do you say @marek.dendes ?

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Hm, i don’t see any detailed description how it should be implemented from UI point of view … also i see some opened questions like “what with samples /instruments” - shared across all “subprojects”? There is just limited amount of RAM so that would be probably only option….

I think that other proposal solves a bit different issue so maybe they both make sense om their own…

I think this proposal here is easier to implement, it demands literally zero UI changes except of few new options in settigs …

As i mentioned it is well established popular solution in Elektron world so i think it will feel natural for many people who came to Tracker platform with previous experience with Elektron gear.

Could be an interesting addition, for performance would be a game changer.
There is a problem anyway if I understand right the performance mode (not used much): you can use different tracks from different patterns, this means that if a specific track use different effect settings, we need more effects.
I think that the “volume” aspect (mixer and send FX level) can be managed easily anyway.

Oh no… you are right, didn’t realised this detail. Actually it’s absolute dealbreaker even for volumes, i think … There would be also more problems - for example what FX settings should be used when you combine tracks from 4 different patterns ?

It’s absolute dealbreaker. Only possible solution i see is when you enable “master settings per pattern” is to disable possibility to mix together tracks from different patterns on performance page.

Honestly, i am ready to pay this price, but …

Well… this complication shift this idea into area of “probably not doable” :frowning:

The only solution is probably “gain staging” within the samples / sounds itself.
In this case you can left the mixer alone, and be sure everything will gel together.
The tracker is an amazing machine, and sometimes limitations serve to our inspiration!

I agree about limitations (i spent producing music excusively only on iPhone and later iPad from 2010 till 2022, so i know a lot about limitations lol), but this is something else, it’s not about mitigating limitations, this is idea for completely new use case, in case it would be possible to implemtent …

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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