Offer Divisions of Repeat Grid Steps

As a Play user, I would like to see shorter step lengths in the Repeat Grid, so that I can use the Repeat function as an Arpeggio workshop; Currently the longest grid is 1 step. A User can set the song tempo to the lowest possible (10bpm) and find a wealth of ways to use the repeat function as a sequencing tool and works like an Arpeggio dream machine. It would be a very nice feature to use Repeats in this fashion while maintaining a proper tempo. Divisions of the Steps could achieve this, but perhaps there are better ways to add the requested functionality.

What is the problem?

Repeats can’t go slower than 1 full step on the Grid

What do you want to achieve?

Use the Repeater like an Arpeggio on steroids

Are there any workarounds?

Currently you can bring the tempo to its lowest setting of 10, and achieve similar results. There’s added management that if you want your other tracks not using the repeater to maintain a reasonable tempo, you can set them at 4/1 or 8/1, but sometimes this isn’t “fast” enough to get the beat you want.

Any links to related discussions?

Not that I know of

Any references to other products?

None that I know of

Hi @dan.lgrnd, welcome to Backstage. If you want an arpeggiator for the Play, there is already a wish about it and you can add your vote: Arpeggiator mode in MIDI tracks.

On the other hand, I would not be surprised if steps can’t be divided by design.

@dan.lgrnd Thanks for contributing, but I’m not sure if I understand your wish. Your statement “currently the longest grid is 1 step” is not true? What exactly are you trying to do? But either way, we cannot make the Repeat Grid divisions smaller that current design due to performance issues. So I will reject this for now. Please comment if you wished for something else. Thanks and best regards

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Yes, I apologize. I will reorganize my thoughts and edit my request to better explain what I am looking for.

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