Arpeggiator mode in MIDI tracks

What is the problem?

There is currently no Arpeggiator mode on Play.

What do you want to achieve?

An arpeggiator mode would assist the user with creating and recording more melodic lines on the Play, specifically with playing/recording held notes one by one on subsequent steps.

Are there any workarounds?

The user may input notes manually on the steps, but an Arp would allow the user to hold a number of notes down in a selected scale and arpeggiator playback mode and these be recorded in place by Play.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Polyend Tracker, MC707, MPC Live, Akai Force


@here thanks for contributing! We can accept this but for MIDI side only. I updated the title to reflect this. The wish is open for voting :slight_smile:


Please, this would be great!

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Yes! A powerful Arpeggio function is also on top of my wishlist - with all the great chord features Play already has, this would be awesome to see in a FW upate.


Oh yes please


I just got my Play and I love it. This is so far the only thing I’m really missing. Voted! Would be great to see this in a future FW update!


Was just thinking about this and find myself here after a web search.
I really like the Fill feature and was happy to see some extras in the last firmware (BTW; well worth updating to 1.4.1 as it fixes the hangs with MIDI CC changes).
Hope to see lots more fill options plus some arp goodness.

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Yes, some arpeggio fills would be dynamite!!

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I hope to see an ARP in the next update!

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Hi @erikginn , welcome to Backstage. You can add your vote to this wish. Click the box on the top left corner. Everyone gets 10 votes to be used for any requests in the Wishlist. :slight_smile:

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+1 to this feature request!

make sure to actually put your vote on it :blush:…
oh - and welcome to backstage! :partying_face:

I would love to see an arp added, one of my first go to features.

@garyhendrie1 if you want this feature, you can vote for it! Check the box with votes on the top left corner. Everyone gets 10 votes.


Ps it be Uber if some unique features where installed like say duration of latched notes and set/ limit the effected key range …

giving the user the option to sculpt the arp in creative ways,. so one could only effect some of the registered notes and set lach duration …

An Easter egg for the polyend team here:,:rose::wink::dizzy:

Instead of just arpeggios…via standard up/down random etc…

Why not create a hybrid of an Arp/ Euclidian / rhythmic melody generator :point_up_2::v::kissing_heart:

Just like an arp but including synced Euclid types, or user selectable pulses within Euclid ratios

And then selection of rhythmic attributes…

The 3 main ones :

#straight (the normal just plays as expected,
#flow: has some self generation fluction on some of the beats (random events)
#progressive which plays like a rhythm with probabilities on either the strong or weak beats

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the possibility to create own steprepeat type patterns could also then used to create arp patterns .

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Yes! Arpeggiator for both midi and synths in the plus. :smiley:

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