Not possible to change notes in playback in edit mode

Bug Description

Not possible to override notes via midi (external keyboard) during playback in edit mode after written notes were been played.

Reproduction Steps

  1. New project
  2. Pattern view (32 steps, slow tempo)
  3. Edit mode
  4. Place notes after step 16
  5. Playback on
  6. You will be able to override notes via external keyboard until first note is played.

After stopping and starting playback you can again overwrite notes until first is played.

There is no such a issue overwriting notes via tracker’s pads.


Firmware 1.8.0

@pitmast I’m sorry you are experiencing issues with the Tracker. We are aware of this bug and we will do our best and fix it as soon as possible. So far I’m closing this topic as a duplicate of External note input record while sequence is playing

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