External note input record while sequence is playing

Bug Description - With both the Mini and OG Tracker, whilst using an external device (MIDI or USB MIDI device) to input notes onto specific steps whilst the sequence is running, this only works once if the sequencer is running. Further attempts to input notes will not work. Only the first note will record. This is not about live recording in time with your sequence. This is about dropping notes onto steps in your sequence whilst the sequence is playing.

On the OG Tracker you can have a sequence playing, press record, scroll to desired steps and drop notes in where you need using the inbuilt keyboard. If you switch an external MIDI keyboard, this only works once.

Reproduction Steps

  1. With MIDI keyboard connected and working go to pattern on Mini or OG Tracker.
  2. Press play to see the sequence scrolling.
  3. Play notes on the MIDI keyboard to hear them playing.
  4. Press record on the Tracker to stop the scrolling and see your red cursor displayed. (Sequence is still playing).
  5. Press a note on your MIDI keyboard and see it record that note into the sequence.
  6. Press a note a second time and see it fail to record the second note.

Occurrence - Bug is reproducible always

Found in - All firmwares (I believe)

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Posts about this issue can be found here:: Anyone using external controller to play the Tracker mini - #39 by Timbient

Video: Anyone using external controller to play the Tracker mini - #40 by Wolfshoek

Hi @Timbient , thanks for a clear bug report. We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues, although this one has been “by design” until now, but we’ll track it here as bug so t’s easier to follow up.

Please log a specific FW version you found the issues with in the future. It makes it more clear.

Thanks again for submitting this issue. We’ll inform here when it gets fixed.

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