New firmware for Play+ when?

Are we really going to have to wait until summer? Getting antsy…

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It will be worth the wait! But yeah probably early summer.


can’t wait for this.

I mean…I can wait. and I will. but I’m looking forward to it :joy:

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Should we expect OG Play update to be released the same day as Play+ update?



Hmmm… I don’t think I nor anyone in synth history has ever wished for a teaser video before… didn’t even know that was a thing … :partying_face:

…yet it would be good for marketing hint hint :wink:

Honestly, I don’t think we can guarantee this. They are separate products and an issue on one or the other could block or delay the release(s). So I assume we’d rather release at least one product update if the other one is blocked because of a specific issue.


@5020780 I’ve been overridden! So yeah around the same time…hopefully! :person_shrugging:


I love this little interaction between the Polyend team here. You might be tempted to think “oops, shared too much, better not do that in the future” but I’d much rather you guys keep sharing like this and occasionally need to correct what’s shared. Good on you.


Looks like we will see the new firmware for Play+ and Play at the upcoming Superbooth? Can’t wait.

Why on Superbooth? Maybe Tracke+ but why new Firmware for Play+?

they mentioned it in their latest email. but it does say “a preview of”, so it most likely will be just that. to be released at a later date when it’s ready Id assume.

The Team has to be confident in the Firmwarebuild to show a preview. Thats great news.
I hope we will see something online anywhere some overview or something. Youtubers missing always some important stuff

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Play+ is a beast, almost perfect. I love that with the machines that polyend make you can make an entire set. Very very well designed. Waiting for the new FW


i think that the play plus is a cool thing to work with and im really happy with it . whats some little bit crazy to me is the , when comes the new firmware update, vibe here in this forum :joy:i never experienced something like this and like with all my other gear im happy with it with the possibilities when i bought it . but it seems that this fever of cant await the update somehow swapped over to me, even im usualy aware of such things .think this feature wish thing is where it comes from .
but with a clear head i would say waiting for a good thing is better then releasing it before its as good as it could be


They have been talking about this firmware almost since the Play+ launched, def lots of anticipation for it :joy: Very excited for the performance mode for synths & midi for sure! Anything else they add is just a bonus :grinning:

I would like polyphony on synth tracks, even if it’s just with a fixed set of chords. Just easier to manage than splitting chords over multiple tracks.


I’ve been working on a project and I miss a lot the ability to swap samples. If after a bunch of patterns I don’t like my kick, I need to change it one by one. I think it’s very necessary some type of sample swapping.


Well the set of Chord avail actually work on the Synth Tracks and it only takes one lane

I can’t check right now but I don’t think that is correct and that chords work for MIDI events only.