My "Wireless" Play+ setup

Thought I’d share this… I’ve done similar simple ‘mods’ to other grooveboxes… I added a battery and Bluetooth wireless transmitter to my Play+, both stuck to the back using Velcro.

Battery is the Nitecore 10000NB which I normally carry with me every day anyway.

Bluetooth transmitter/receiver is the 1Mii ML300

I use them paired with my Sony XM5 headphones. All works great. The transmitter and headphones both support some kind of lower latency codec, but I don’t use it because I don’t really need the lower latency… I’m not playing anything in ‘live’. (But one day I might go there.)


Thank you for sharing this! I am very interested in wireless situations for MIDI and audio, for lazy connection to speakers at home and also for quick collaboration with others while visiting their homes / studios. See for instance We're introducing Tracker Mini - #24 by icaria36.

Like you, live performance is not the main situation I’m thinking of. Too risky and demanding for a type of setup that is still quite experimental or expensive if you want to get it right and reliable. But to get rid of cables at home or while visiting other musicians, I wonder if the technology nowadays is already there and affordable.

Just curious, if you have the play connected to BT speakers and you press play / stop regularly, do you get a noticeable lag, big enough to annoy you?

Also, have you considered wireless MIDI out connecting with an external synth or DAW?

Wireless MIDI is indeed a different job to tackle. I’ve always found MIDI to overcomplicate my music-making process so I kinda stay away from it as a rule lol

I just tried it connected to my JBL BT104 speakers and it works fine. The latency is noticeable… not sure I’d recommend it for a live gig, but maybe.

Again, I think unless you’re trying to record notes in live or performing live, it seems like a perfectly serviceable, more affordable and versatile solution than the AIAIAI TMA-2’s… I like that BT is just universal. I don’t have to carry a specific pair of headphones or speaker with me for it to work. Just needs BT.

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Sweet setup! Was looking for a BT transmitter so I could sit in the bed or couch and jam, think I’ll try this one out :grin:

I think this one works as good as any. I like that it can both receive OR transmit, too, and it has a built-in battery, but is still very small.