Mod matrix page for instruments

What is the problem?

Instrument modulations are relatively inflexible and limited

What do you want to achieve?

Create a mod matrix tab on instrument page to allow you to route different parameters to others, eg route volume envelope to reverb send, or note keytracking to granular position and panning or route pitch envelope to resonance. I am thinking a layout similar to performance page and giving you freedom to route items with varying amounts kind of like the mod matrix on the Arturia Microfreak which is simple but powerful. This would have a benefit of giving you powerful modulations on instruments and leave you effects lanes free to add to this even more sound design.

Are there any workarounds?

Not exactly

Any links to related discussions?

Not sure

Any references to other products?

Not sure

Hey @thomasdavidbradley isn’t that the same as these two wishes?

or do i misunderstand your request here?

Kind of similar - I was hoping for an extra tab on instruments page where you could have a mod matrix to control instrument parameters via things like lfo and envelope and key tracking etc rather than a sequencer effect but it is probably more in keeping with the tracker workflow to have it this way round. current “automation” implementation is great in that you can kind of have several different lfos controlling several parameters in instrument but it is almost backwards to how most synths work where you might get one or two lfos and envelopes and then be able to assign these to various destinations etc like cutoff and resonance or volume or pitch etc. You can close my request though I think it is possibly asking for too much of a change?

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There is not such thing as asking for too much :blush: .

All they can say is no. But there is the fact that the hardware of the original Tracker is starting to get old and running at its limits :laughing: .

I’ll close this one and we can always revisit this once the mentioned wish(es) are possibly implemented.

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