MIDI thru should forward the channel data it receives

What is the problem?

Tracker’s MIDI out can serve as MIDI thru. However, this behavior only happens when a MIDI channel is selected as an instrument in Tracker. The information about MIDI channels coming from the MIDI source is ignored.

What do you want to achieve?

Have the Play connected to the Tracker, and then the Tracker connected to another hardware synth. Then be able to play and sequence the synth from the Play, based on the MIDI channel defined in the Play.

Are there any workarounds?

  • Get a MIDI Y-adapter splitter cable, and connect the Play directly to the Tracker and the synth, avoiding Tracker’s MIDI thru.
  • Select the synth’s MIDI channel as instrument on Tracker. This only works if you don’t need to do anything with other instruments on Tracker.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

This works as intended connecting the Play with Medusa, and then Medusa with the synth. It is worth noting that the Medusa has a dedicated MIDI thru port.

MIDI thru is expected to pass not only note data but also channel data, and many products do just this.


even tho i don’t use MIDI a lot, i think this feature request makes total sense :slight_smile:


Thank you, @scerifforosso!

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To use the Tracker as a central piece, writing and playing songs while sequencing other gear, I think this is a priority. My setup is simple : MIDI keyboard, Tracker, a bunch of synths. I should be able to play my synths live on their respective midi channels while the tracker is playing the song (+ pitch bends, mod wheel etc…)
For now I must split the MIDI out of the keyboard, one way to a merger, other way to the tracker, then merge the Tracker midi out. This is a lot of cables + additional gear (merger). It would be so much better and simpler if the tracker forwarded all midi signals as is.

Please, consider this if this is possible.


Are you guys telling me that if I connect my Keystep to Tracker MIDI in other MIDI channels are not sent to MIDI out? That would be a bummer! At least I’ll stop losing time searching a cheap midi type B adapter…

The tracker forwards only what he is listening to (currently selected MIDI channel), and what it understands (no mod/pitch bend). I had to use a MIDI merger from the beginning to be able to sequence with the tracker + live play other synths with a keyboard.

Not to diminish the wish at all, i think a proper MIDI Thru would be awesome.
But having MIDI Merger or MIDI Thru boxes in your arsenal is always a good thing to have. :muscle: