Midi over USB-C

Why doesn’t the op1-field or op-z work with the tracker mini usb-c port to enter notes on the tracker? I thought the mini was class compliant and supported midi over usb?

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Are your OPs sending to the correct channel? (config → midi → note in channel)

It works for me, just tested it. Just make sure you have MIDI turned on in the tracker config and you have to set it up on op-1 in com mode. Also might make a difference the usb cable you are using, I’d use the one that came with the op1

So strange it doesn’t work for me. Here’s the settings I have and I’m using the TE usb-c cable. I even tried other known working usb-c cables and nothing seems to work. I tried All for the Notes In channel notes in too. Using the TE usb-c cable I can have ableton send notes into the tracker mini (no issue with cable and midi usb from computer to mini works). The op1f can send midi notes to Ableton, so no issue with the op1f. Just can’t make the op1f send notes in when directly connected to the mini via usb-c. Mini is on v 1.1.0

Seeing the same issue here, I’m getting no MIDI at all over USB into or out of the Mini. No notes, no clock, no transport. What’s even stranger is that the OG Tracker works without any issues sending and receiving MIDI over USB from an OP-1. The MIDI settings of both Trackers are exactly the same.

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Okay yeah it works for me on tracker but not tracker mini - I’ll get back to you on this


I’ve been having this same issue via USB c and the op-1 field, and similarly my retrokit rk005. Both have USB host capability so direct USB connectivity shouldn’t be an issue, but I can’t get a direct USB cable connection to work with either (across many cables that work with all my other devices). The op-1 field will recognize the tracker for a second and then it drops. Never long enough to transmit any data besides the name of the device.

Any updates on this issue with direct USB c connection to USB midi host devices?

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