[MIDI] 'No note' steps aren't copy/pasted

Bug Description

In MIDI mode, when I copy & paste a range of selected steps, ‘No note’ steps aren’t pasted to the destination.

Reproduction Steps

  1. In MIDI mode, fill a track with steps. Set some steps to ‘No note’.
  2. Copy the steps, either as a range of selection or the whole track.
  3. Paste the copied steps to another track or to another variation slot of the same track or to anotter pattern of the same track.
  4. ‘No note’ steps are missing in the destination.


bug is reproducible always

Found in

  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Build: 1297

Hi @5020780, Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues with Play. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.

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