MIDI Channel Reverts to Default after Fill

I find it really annoying that whenever I create a new MIDI track and select the desired MIDI channel, after I do a Fill, the channel will revert back to the default which is Jack Channel 1. I know this can be changed in the Fill Config, but that doesn’t really help much when you have multiple MIDI channel. I use my Play + to control 12 different MIDI channels (not all at once), and it’s annoying to have to constantly change the desired MIDI track back to the desired MIDI channel after every change I make using Fill. I love experimenting with new Fills and new melodies/chords, but this makes it a real chore.

This also happens when using Fill on a Synth track.

Can this please be changed in an update so that whatever MIDI track you are using saves the MIDI channel unless you change it yourself?

Hi @dontspamjason, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Users are always encouraged to create a wish for Polyend products here any time you have an idea for a new feature or an improvement on the current functionality.

With that said, I am of the assumption that what you would like to see is quite similar to the wish below which was unfortunately declined. If you feel it is a different idea, we’d be more than happy to work with you creating a draftwish to express your ideas for improvements :slight_smile: