Midi a or b for play?

Hi is play using a trs a or b cable?

Hey @peppehksedin . All Polyend devices use TRS-B.

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Thanks. And what if i have another trs, like 1010 blackbox, do i use a 3.5 stereo cable then?

That is correct! :blush:

  • If both devices support TRS-B then all you need is a stereo 3.5mm cable
  • If not, then you’ll need a TRS-A to TRS-B converter in between

Ok thanks. “Why fix something that works” comes to mind
Thinking of din sync…

Has to do with the thickness of the devices. On some devices you just don’t have the space (or don’t want to use the space), to embed a DIN Connector. But yeah… TRS A/B just added a unnecessary complexity.

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Yes it did…

Do we know if it would be technically possible to support either A or B via a toggle in the settings like the Elektron Model:Samples / Model:Cycles are able to?

Not via software, this would have to be on a hardware level.
There was a previous discussion/wish for this and some further details can be found in there as well:


Love TRS Midi but the battle between A/B can be annoying.
This site is helpful to find out what your device uses.

I bought a bunch of these A/B Dongles and DIN/TRS adaptors from Retrokits which support both A/B.


I’m looking for a midi patch bay and found this bad boy

It has everything. It’s a bit expensive but never have to think about midi fuzz ever again :slight_smile:

If you want something compact/flexibel and don’t mind TRS, have a look at the Retrokit RK-006.
I personally am very happy with the Blokas Midihub.

Depends on how many devices you want to actually connect/route. Often you don’t need massive amounts of ports since you can just chain things.