Macro changes from one MIDI track (even when muted) affect the Synth sound played on another track

Bug Description

Synth notes don’t sound correct when entering in pattern, they sound glitchy or like some random parameters are affecting them. This happens on all tracks in a pattern, regardless of synth. If I switch patterns, then enter notes, it sounds fine

Reproduction Steps

  1. Delete existing variation or start new one
  2. select synth
  3. add notes
  4. Sounds wonky/garbled like there’s something affecting the notes
  5. try setting all parameters back to normal by taping knobs and then double tapping encoders to reset to 0
  6. Select new pattern, place synth notes and they sound fine again
  7. Go back to original pattern and enter same notes and they are garbled again


bug is reproducible always within pattern

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Build: 1405


See link to video example Video Unavailable

Updated video link, the one above expired

Anyone else running into this or have any suggestions on how to fix (aside from starting a new pattern)?

To me, this looks and sounds like a case of a bug that I reported earlier.

If you agree it’s the same, please repost your examples over there. And, if possible, zip your project and upload it there, in order to provide material for debugging.

@hut48ku Sorry you’re experiencing issues with Play+ and thanks for logging this report. Unfortunately, following your reproduction steps I cannot reproduce the issue. It also seems different than the issue / reproduction steps you shared in the video. Could you please share the project where you experienced this issue and we’ll try to analyse it?

For example:

After finishing these steps, I don’t get wonky/garbled sound, even though this description is very subjective, so there might be misunderstanding :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean by “within a pattern”? As I see you’re switching patterns in the video. And in reproduction steps you mention variation (not pattern).

Thanks for your support again

@hut48ku any updates on this issue? Please let us know, thanks!

Sorry, haven’t had much time for music lately. By “within a pattern”, I mean the same pattern. For example, it happens in pattern A, but then I create pattern B and it doesn’t happen in pattern B. But then I switch back to pattern A, and put down some synth notes, it occurs again. Here’s another video that hopefully shows this more clearly

You can download the project file here:

It’s happening on some of the newly created patterns after I use them for some time (it doesn’t happen when I initially create the pattern, but at some point starts happening, not sure when or why). If I create a new pattern the issue does not occur on that pattern (at least initially)

Hi @hut48ku , sorry it took us such a long time to get back to you, we had a little break during the Easter period.

I’m afraid the behaviour you’re experiencing is by current design. Let me explain what’s going on, as a couple of things are confusing you:

  1. Our internal synths behave as “external” MIDI instruments. A CC / Macro (parameter) sent on one track, will affect the sound of the same Synth on any MIDI track. This would be the same if you were playing an external synth which would receive a CC from any source which would then result is sound change.
  2. We don’t mute CCs / Macros. Only Notes are muted with track Mute in MIDI tracks. Therefore, muting other MIDI tracks will still have effect on Synth sound on any MIDI track if the muted track(s) contain CCs/Macro parameter changes.

You can make a simple experiment playing same Synth from two different MIDI tracks in parallel:

  • Track 1: containing Macro parameters
  • Track 2: having all empty Macro parameter values

Macro parameters from Track 1 will change the sound of Synth notes played on Track 2, even when Track 1 is muted.

Please let me know if you need further explanation or there is still a problem and confusion with this functionality.

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