Longer patterns (256 or 512)

What is the problem?

Patterns are max. 128 steps long.

What do you want to achieve?

Achieve higher resolution by using high speeds ( >400BPM) and pattern length 256 or 512.

Are there any workarounds?

Use more patterns, but it’s more unnecessary work with shorter patterns.

Any links to related discussions?

Couldn’t find.

Any references to other products?

desktop trackers: up to 512 steps

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Hi @dsp , thanks for you contribution but unfortunately this is not possible due to technical limitations.

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What you need is a Synthstrom Deluge, it doesn’t have any limit on the number of steps and bpm up to 26624.
I get out my Tracker and Play when I see something new to try but my Deluge always goes back on the desk after a day or so because it’s so versatile and can achieve all that the other instruments can do and more.
I can transfer the resultant sounds from the Deluge onto the Tracker or Play once I have ironed out any wrinkles.

Thanks for recommendation, but what I wanted was just longer patterns in portable tracker. Guess, I’ll have to deal with this limitation.

yes, and this is exactly why a feature like this would come in handy:

…as some kind of compromise.

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